Call of Duty: Warzone console players are turning off crossplay to escape PC cheaters

It didn’t take long at all for Call of Duty: Warzone, the new free-to-play battle royale mode for ‘s Modern Warfare reboot, to become one of the most popular and talked-about shooters out there. With that tremendous popularity comes cheaters, thousands of which have already been banned from Warzone. Now, Warzone’s developers are adding another anti-cheat measure: lobbies that match suspected cheaters together. Infinity Ward confirmed the feature as one of a few new updates intended to address Warzone’s cheating problems. A few days after Warzone crossed the 50 million player milestone, Infinity Ward announced that it had already issued over 70, bans for suspected cheating in Warzone. For players who aren’t cheating, the most noticeable change should be new notifications when someone they’ve reported for suspected cheating gets banned. Soon, a “report-a-player” function will be added to killcam and spectator views. Warzone’s cheater-on-cheater matchmaking isn’t a new idea. Respawn Entertainment implemented a version of it in its battle royale Apex Legends just last year , and in Titanfall before that.

‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ Cheaters Are Now Being Forced Together in Matchmaking

New to Shacknews? Signup for a Free Account. A new matchmaking update for Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare is going to purposely make sure that suspected cheaters face off against one another. Call of Duty: Warzone is pretty good, not perfect, but it offers quite a few cool features that are arguably much needed in the battle royale genre. Unfortunately, the game also arguably has a tremendous problem with cheaters.

Valve’s new anti-cheat system in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is apparently having an adverse effect on matchmaking, as more players are.

A tweet from the official CSGO Twitter account and an accompanying blog post announced that Valve will now restrict third-party software from interacting with the game in an effort to better combat cheating. Developers say that while users can disable the option, players who choose not to block the unnamed programs will have their trust factor lowered. No one knows exactly how Valve calculates a player’s trust factor, but the developer has revealed that it is based on a combination of account age, reports against users, and playtime.

An experienced player who creates a new Steam account to play with their lower-ranked friends, for example, will likely have a low trust factor. They can then render a verdict as to whether they believe the player in question was using cheats to gain an advantage. Vanguard has root system access, meaning that it watches and analyzes players’ systems for anything that interacts with Valorant even when the game isn’t running. Vanguard has seemed effective thus far, banning thousands of cheaters during the game’s beta stage.

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This update to matchmaking is part of a larger effort by Infinity Ward to eradicate cheating in its Call of Duty properties. Players who report.

Cheating is an increasing issue for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare across both traditional multiplayer and Warzone, but it feels pronounced in the battle royale mode. This week, developer Infinity Ward said it had issued over 70, bans worldwide to protect Warzone from cheaters. We have zero tolerance for cheaters,” the studio tweeted. We’ve now issued over 70, bans worldwide to protect Warzone from cheaters.

We’re continuing to deploy dedicated security updates and work continues on improving in-game reporting. We’ll share more details soon. We are watching. We have zero tolerance for cheaters. However, players continue to complain about cheaters who are able to automatically hit enemy heads, shoot through walls and play without recoil, among other prohibited abilities. The various Call of Duty subreddits are packed with clips of cheaters exposed via Modern Warfare’s killcam and Warzone’s spectate mode.

Traditionally, competitive multiplayer cheating is more of a PC problem than it is a console problem, due to the difficulty in running console games with cheats enabled. But console players are running up against PC cheaters because of Modern Warfare’s crossplay feature. Crossplay is of course wonderful for any multiplayer game, Call of Duty included, because it means friends can play together across platforms, and larger player pools mean quick matchmaking, full lobbies and low latency matches.

However, a negative side effect of crossplay in Call of Duty is console players are exposed to PC cheaters – and as a temporary fix, console players are turning off crossplay to stamp it out.

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The problem of hacks and cheats is prevalent in nearly every title. The CS:GO community has been facing the issue of rampant hacking since the game went free in Many users are dissatisfied with the anti-cheat matchmaking in CS:GO. Valve recently announced an optional beta branch of CS:GO, which would restrict the programs and files that can interact with the game.

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Apex Legends is implementing several ways to combat cheaters. One of which is probably the most interesting solution yet. This will then be used to ban users, or put them all together in the same match. That last bit is hilariously poetic and is definitely a welcome change. In this case, Respawn is not tolerating any such behaviour so they are lumping in players who team up with cheaters as well.

So if you queue in with a player caught cheating, the strike will also go against you. The same also goes for when the system detects spammers. So they will be part of the self-contained matches vs other spammers and cheaters. Additionally, Respawn also pledged to add more resources to combat spammers and cheaters.

Call of Duty: Warzone Cheaters Are Being Matched Together in Matchmaking

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Besides the issue of being plagued with hackers and cheaters, the server is not doing too well. Recently, several pro-gamers raised their complaints. They also mentioned the fact that they rolled out an initial fix to take care of this. However, it might be a while before we get a permanent solution for this. The matter remains unprecedented as we do not know what is causing this issue. Neither do we have a clue what Activision or Infinity Ward are going to do to fix it. Thank you for your patience.

With the latest update, few things revealed the issue of cheaters. We now know that Activision and Infinity Ward are keeping things tight from their end. Not only monitoring cheaters but also putting them in the same lobby to discourage such activities.

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‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ Cheaters Are Now Being Forced Together in Matchmaking: An in-game report-a-player feature is also coming to killcam.

The solution is simple: Make the cheaters play against each other so they can all be miserable. Beginning now, Modern Warfare and Warzone players who report potential cheaters will receive an in-game notification to let them know the offending player was banned. Additionally, Infinity Ward has released “additional dedicated security updates” to both games, while matchmaking has been updated to place suspected cheaters into matches with one another.

Additionally, Infinity Ward is deploying more resources to its enforcement teams, among others, to help rid the games of cheaters. Looking further out, the promised in-game “report-a-player” feature is coming soon, Infinity Ward said. This will be available from within the killcam and spectate modes. Players have loudly voiced their concerns about the state of Modern Warfare and Warzone as it relates to cheating, though it’s too soon to say if these new measures will be effective.

One further issue is that Modern Warfare and Warzone feature cross-play support between console and PC.

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