How Old Are Silicon Valley’s Top Founders? Here’s the Data

Most of us are familiar with online banking transactions. In case of real time transfers, value date and transaction date are same. In case of payments with say check, value date may be in future as well. To understand the complete process in a better manner, first we need to understand few terminology used in payment process. Payment media: This is the means of communicating the payment related information to bank. This would have information like payee details, bank account, amount to be paid etc. Value date: This is the date on which bank has to dispatch the money to payee account. Please note that payment media is sent in advance to the date on which payment is to be made to payee.

The Top 20 Mobile Marketing Blogs of 2014

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From writers to podcasters and speakers, these are the voices all small business IT professionals need to be listening to. A good blog is a bit like a good book. Once you find one, you hold onto it, bookmark your favorite pages and return to it for education, entertainment or enlightenment. Like we’ve done in previous years, we opened up the nominations to you, our readers.

Some of these reader submissions made it all the way to final list. The rest of the top IT blogs came from selections from our editorial team and from previous honorees who earned a spot yet again on our list. One thing we strived to achieve this year was to include a wider range of blogs across various industries. This aligns with our redesign earlier this year , which saw us add a filter for industry-related content in the main navigation of the site.

Protecting Workers from Ebola: Eight Knowledge Generation Priorities

Last week, The New Republic published a lengthy exploration of ageism in Silicon Valley , the idea that venture capitalists discriminate against older entrepreneurs and that start-ups discriminate against older job applicants. Nonetheless, we were curious to know just how young Silicon Valley founders really are; is the myth of the pimpled, hoodie-wearing something really accurate? So we set out to find age data for start-up founders, aware of course that this data was unlikely to tip the scales in the ageism debate one way or the other.

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For those looking to stay in the know on state and local technology trends, turn to this list of CIOs, industry executives, organizations, journalists and podcasters. For the past two years, StateTech has compiled a list of the best blogs the web has to offer, and this year is no different. Our edition of the 50 Must-Read IT Blogs includes some honorees from last year, but the majority of blogs featured are newcomers. While they may be new to our list, they have established track records in the state and local community and beyond.

These blogs offer something for everyone: IT professionals, mayors, governors, civic hackers, entrepreneurs and citizens. Some blogs may not focus solely on IT, but offer a well-rounded perspective on the role technologies such as Big Data and analytics play in shaping cities and states and improving quality of life for residents.

As in previous years, we opened up the nominations to our readers. The list of top blogs was compiled based on reader submissions and selections from our editorial team, and also includes a few selections from previous lists that remain great sources of content.

The Best Fibromyalgia Blogs: 2014

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Skip navigation. But by then, millions of customers had already signed up for unlimited plans. In addition, other companies started to offer data plans for iPhones. Initially, the data usage threshold varied from city to city — with thresholds as low as 2GB in markets like New York or San Francisco. Just how much slower was the service to unlimited customers? As a result, lots of everyday uses — like web browsing, GPS navigation, or video streaming — range from significantly slower to pretty much inoperable.

Online dating: 10 rules to help find the ideal partner

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I’ve prepared a list of the best blogs for women. She talks about all issues affecting senior citizens like retirement, savings, dating, style, fashion, makeup, travel, health, Celina and Ellen founded Career Girl Daily in

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It’s a common misconception: to find a car with desired features, bells, and whistles, a good value is not an option. U.S. News proves this simply.

On November 3, the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council of the National Academies convened a workshop of distinguished representatives from the public and private sectors. Researchers and practitioners have decades of experience related to the use of sampling, analysis, personal protective equipment PPE and other traditional measures for assessing exposures and minimizing the risks of occupational illness and injury in the industrial setting.

That knowledge underpins standard industrial hygiene practices in factories, mines, and construction sites. Strategic research is vital for building a comparably robust base of evidence for reducing occupational risks from infectious diseases in the complex health care setting. The recommendations address priorities in two general areas: PPE and biological behavior of the Ebola virus. A video of Dr. In some cases, the recommendations reflect studies that address needs that have already been identified by our stakeholders, and that already are under way in our laboratories, and we look forward to discussing those studies at greater length in future NIOSH Science Blogs.

We also look forward to the report that will come out of the November 3 workshop.

Latest Builds of SQL Server 2014

N95 Day is finally here again. We hope that you have been looking forward to it as much as we have! N95 Day has become an annual observance, now in its third year.

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From code update delays to IT skills shortages, the health IT blog community effectively maps the long and winding road to health IT. And this year, we compiled the list with help from you — nominations from our blog readers and social media followers. Health System CIO This news site analyzes the needs of hospital and health system CIOs with one-on-one article interviews, podcasts and reports from major industry conferences.

Shimcode Healthcare IT consultant Steve Sisko unapologetically provides his opinions on healthcare IT social media, ICD and payer and provider healthcare information processes and systems. The Electronic Health Reporter curates industry guest blogs to provide a wide range of coverage. Winners: If you are one of the chosen listed above and would like to add the Best Healthcare IT Blogs badge to your site, please visit this page.

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