My thoughts on Mamoru and Usagi

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Well, for once, Usagi’s the one who’s the cheater. Rei’s celebrating her birthday, and Usagi has an idea on how to make it memorable. Love, fluff, and smut. In the world, people always strive for perfection. The people of Crystal Tokyo are no different. But the citizens are just people, the palace is just a house, and the king and queen are merely husband and wife.

Why did they have to streach out Rei dating Mamoru thing?

Navigation Get Help! The Galaxy Cauldron. Navigation Navigation Get Help! Posts : Join date : Hi everyone! I wanted to make a thread about Mamoru and Rei who are one of my favorite couples.

Sailor Moon Newbie Recaps: “Rei’s First Date” and “Usagi Becomes a Bride”. One of these days this Mamoru is gonna walk all over you.

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Usagi aseru! Rei-chan hatsu dêto

When it comes to Sailor Moon , the relationship that is most important in the series is the one that exists between the title character and her Sailor Senshi. With a story that reminds fans that the power of love is most important, romance gets plenty of spotlight as well. Sailor Moon does, after all, feature one of the most epic tales of romance in manga or anime, with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask finding one another in their new life.

Some relationships made fans want more, while others, fans wished never saw the light of day. When Rei and Usagi first met, the two butted heads constantly, and one of the areas that they found themselves at odds was in regards to Mamoru.

Rei dating Mamoru & being interested in ANY men is an affront on her Mamoru being a weird adult/parental figure to Usagi was awful. Usagi.

Rei Hino is an eerie medium, an aloof beauty, and a reincarnated warrior princess from a bygone era whose serene exterior hides a bottomless well of explosive passion! Rei is a shrine-maiden with inherent psychic abilities, a talent for fortune telling, and skill at creating spiritual charms or warding and banishing evil spirits. Adults tend to be wary — even frightened — of her because of her abilities and mysterious demeanor, but kids seem to have no trouble seeing and trusting the kindness in her heart.

She has a fan club. With no great ambitions for career, romance, or frivolity outside of spiritual pursuits, Rei has devoted herself almost entirely to her ancient duty to protect Princess Serenity, having awoken as a magical warrior for that purpose. Friendship has softened the corners a bit, as it tends to. Height: Blood Type: Birthday: April 17th Likes: Music, birds, order, routine, quiet, and, paradoxically, Usagi Dislikes: Bullies, unreliable people, untidiness, carelessness, and, vaguely, men.

Jump to: navigation , search. You need the conviction to carve your place in the world, and to get back up when you fall. Everything you need… will come from inside you.

Usagi’s Panic: Rei’s First Date

She’s devoutly Shinto, and therefore has powers that relate to that religion, such as receiving visions and being able to “read” fires. She lives with her old, hentai grandfather in the Hikawa Jinja “jinja” meaning “shrine”. Some of Rei’s other interests outside of her Shinto life are composing songs and singing, proving that she is musically inclined though this is really only addressed in one R episode.

Not Rei (supposedly dating). Usagi knows more about him than anyone and that right there proves how special she is to him. 2. He prioritized.

Kokuritsu, the gardener who looks after all the plants and animals in this vital piece of Tokyo greenspace where young lovers can come to have romantic moments. But not for long: Mr. Kokuritsu will be let go soon, as there are plans to bulldoze the park to build an office building, displacing all the cute animals and beautiful plants. Meanwhile, Mamoru saves Luna from being run over by a truck in front of the arcade.

Conspicuously, he does not do this by throwing a rose at it, but by dashing out into traffic in some kind of weird… work out outfit? Usagi, coming upon the aftermath of the rescue, tells him to get the heck away from her cat, beginning an argument that comes to a screeching halt when Motoki comes out side to say hi to his school chum, Mamoru Chiba. Not that he would be friends with Motoki.

Not that he would save her cat. Nephrite picks Mr. He shows up at the park just as Mr.

Mamoru and Rei

This episode is important all-around, of course, because it’s the very first episode. It sets the stage for everything to come throughout the rest of the entire series. We are introduced to our bickering duo Usagi and Mamoru. By now most people know the fated encounter – Usagi crumples up her test paper and throws it behind her, ashamed of her poor grade.

Chibi Mamoru’s Love life · Mamoru (Mamo-chan) mainly loves Tsukino Usagi (​Usako or Odango Atama). · However, before that Mamoru also dated Hino Rei.

We all know the premise: Usagi Tsukino rescues a cat named Luna, who helps her awaken her powers and become Sailor Moon. She would then meet other Sailor Scouts along the way and come across a man by the name of Mamoru Chiba, who takes on the mantle as Tuxedo Mask. They did not start off so hot, but the more they come across paths, the more they are drawn to each other. Their dedication to each other is incredible and they would go to full lengths to protect each other.

Perhaps it was fate that they were destined to be together, but their blooming chemistry is a joy to watch or read in the manga or in the classic anime plus Crystal. While their romance is outstanding, there are some interesting secrets about their relationship that connect the two lovebirds. Ranging from a few forms of media, the love between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask transcends beautifully.

In America and Japan, the age of consent is vastly different. So, when America got Sailor Moon and noticed how Usagi was in middle school and Mamoru was near college, the idea of them being together is troubling. In the classic anime, Usagi is fourteen while Mamoru is eighteen. At the very least, their love for each other has transcended through time. So, while their ages might be concerning, they are just in different bodies and technically ageless.

Mamoru Chiba and Rei Hino

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Usagi’s Real Passion. Riza Hawkeye TheInvisibleInk. This For the ReiUsagi love all about them and their love nothing can stop them not even Sailor Pluto and shit the about the Future.

Rei Hino is an eerie medium, an aloof beauty, and a reincarnated warrior princess from a bygone era whose serene exterior hides a bottomless.

I know that many believe that Usagi and Mamoru had only fallen for each other due to regaining their memories of their relationship on the Moon Kingdom during the Silver Millennium. While they were trapped in the elevator that Zoisite basically forced them into, Usagi asks Mamoru about his desire to possess the rainbow crystals and he just naturally shares his dark past with her. Not Motoki best friend. Not Rei supposedly dating.

Usagi knows more about him than anyone and that right there proves how special she is to him. After realizing his alter ego, although he still rescued SM, he jeopardize his relationship with her and was willing to become her enemy in order to acquire the rainbow crystals. Relating to the previous point, Zoisite tries kill Usagi with an ice crystal, but without hesitation, Mamoru shows an act of true love and takes the hit for her. However, when we look at what a person mostly tease someone about, it can give us an idea about their true intentions behind it.

Not to mention she continued to get jealous whenever she heard they were going on dates even though Mamoru still gives her more attention than Rei. When Usagi and Mamoru pose for Yumemi to paint for an art piece, Usagi comments how handsome Mamoru is and then feels guilty about even thinking such thoughts. If it is more than that, then one would start feeling guilty because they start to feel the genuine attraction they have for them.

Yes, I know full well that this was after they restored their memories of their past life. Adding onto this, Usagi also approached him a few times to simply tease him as well, proving that over time, she started to like it.

Mamoru and Rei have a romantic coffee date

Whether fighting evil by moonlight or winning love by daylight, Sailor Moon is one of the most popular and influential anime series in the world. Though Sailor Moon started as a manga, the brand has since exploded in popularity, receiving a live-action adaption, multiple musicals, and most recently, Sailor Moon Crystal , a streamable reimagining of the anime series that’s closer to the original manga. With tons of iterations and merchandise, Sailor Moon has built an enduring fanbase all across the world, so much so that years after watching the original anime, many adults find themselves going back to the series.

Though initially made with children and teens in mind, there’s a surprising amount of adult themes and content that are likely to go unnoticed by younger viewers, especially in the original English dub. Here are some examples of things that only adults will notice in Sailor Moon. Michiru is portrayed as the most mature of the Sailor Soldiers and is a respected artist and violinist.

Rei falls for Mamoru and persuades him to go on a date with her, whilst Nephrite targets the caretaker of a local park. Plot. The episode begins with Ami taking Rei​.

It aired in Japan on June 20, Rei falls for Mamoru and persuades him to go on a date with her, whilst Nephrite targets the caretaker of a local park. Rei says it is nice and quiet, while Usagi decides that it would be perfect for a date. Ami says that she enjoys reading at the park on days when she doesn’t have to attend a cram school. The girls soon meet the park’s caretaker, Kunitachi, who is a friend of Ami’s. He takes care of the entire park himself, though he says that that will soon be coming to an end: the owner of the park sold the land, and it will soon be turned into a business district.

Nearby demolition equipment attests to this fact. Kunitachi laments that when the park is gone, the birds and animals will have nowhere to go.

10 Reasons Why Everyone But Sailor Moon Knows Tuxedo Mask Sucks

Rei’s personality was radically changed from the original manga persona in her transfer to anime form. In the anime, Rei Hino was a hot-headed, strong-willed, and somewhat bossy yet well-meaning girl who wanted to be everything from a globe-trotting business woman to musical idol , as well as have a boyfriend Rei in the Sailor Moon musicals was portrayed this way as well.

Sailor Mars did have another side in the anime; her loyalty to Sailor Moon was extremely strong, and her determination and sense of justice were admirable.

While I never Rei dating Mamoru in the original anime should have been a thing to begin with, I perfer the independent I don’t neex no man Rei.

This absolutely did not turn out the way Rei had intended. And he had a little shopping cart and was dragging her up all the aisles. He took a deep breath and held it, luxuriating in it, then let it out with a satisfied whoosh. What did he want? She flashed Mamoru an apologetic smile. Mamoru pushed the cart through the rows of sorted fruits and vegetables.

He took his time, and stopped often to extol the virtues of every other item. How juicy yet firm, and packed with crucial vitamins, the building blocks of life! Neither of them moved. Rei just looked at the tomato like it was some strange alien creature. Unless it was in a sauce and she could dip her fries in it, she had no idea how to relate to it.

Slowly, Mamoru lowered the tomato.

OSSMR: Episode 136 – Protect Mamoru! Jealousy of Usagi the Ninja

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Rei is dating Mamoru. There is a battle at the Starlight Tower, but with a twist. Everyone gained their memories. Zoicite is dead, and Mamoru wasn’t captured.

Whether you call her Usagi or Serena and him Mamoru or Darien, the love between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask is one of anime’s most celebrated romances. This is despite the fact that Tuxedo Mask sucks. Yes, Sailor Moon’s dashing “hero” is in fact a terrible person, and here are 10 reasons why. By which we mean he’s a borderline statutory rapist. It’s less creepy later on when Mamoru is 19 and Usagi is 16 — although that’s still a bit uncomfortably close to age of being unable to consent — but at the start of the series, Mamoru is a year-old college student according to the manga and Usagi is a year-old middle school student.

That’s just wrong. And it definitely doesn’t help that Usagi acts significantly young and immature for her age and Mamoru dresses like a year-old investment banker. Now, you might say, “Laaaaaaaaauren, Rooooooooooob, Usagi is Mamoru’s one true reincarnated love. Surely we can bend silly age rules for that. He actually goes out with Rei for a while although, granted, she pushed him into it at first , meaning underage girls are just his type.

Meatball Head Origins — Rei Hino!