Date Code?

Cooking meat outdoors over fire is probably one of the most primal forms of food prep. It’s basically been going right for thousands of years, so does it really need any improvement? Weber partnered with June , a company focused on smart cooking, to create an innocuous device that sits by your dumb backyard grill with cables that attach to sensors inserted in the meat. It looks a little like a low-key medical device, and it performs a function vital to health: monitoring the temperature of whatever you’ve put on the flame. The app isn’t just a dumb monitoring device—it notifies the cook when they should flip whatever’s on the grill and can be tweaked to match your idea of the perfect temp, from bloody rare and screaming to charcoal black, if you’re into that. Better still, there are four sensors available, so you could track the chicken, beef, and pork—if it’s one of those get-togethers where you have to accommodate every kind of taste.

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A comprehensive guide to every dating term you’ll ever need to know — in alphabetical order

So, to brighten things up I decide to join a well-known dating site, New Year new me and all that. I joined a pay for one rather than tinder or the fish one thinking it may yield better quality bites. So, with great optimism despite many girlfriends telling me the online dating world is just full of pervs and weirdos , I boldly ignored them all and cracked on with liking, swiping and winking. I published my profile and waited for my Aqua Man. Finally the pervs showed up, the good old pervs. For a few days we exchanged messages , he was funny.

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